At HospiceCare, we believe that when managing a terminal illness, there is no place like home. Wherever home is for you, HospiceCare is skilled in bringing you the comfort, support and care you need where you are most comfortable. While surrounded by loving family members, loved ones and familiar things, we help bring peace of mind in knowing that your last months, weeks and hours are pain free, safe and comfortable.

Home care is provided wherever you call home – a private residence, nursing facility or residential care facility.

Working together with the long-term care facility, we provide optimal care for you and support the family to improve quality of life. Residents in long-term care facilities living with a serious illness can also benefit from our palliative care services if they are not yet hospice eligible.

Our expert hospice staff are available to assist 24 hours a day with education and support, allowing you to maintain control of your health care. Our goal is to assist whenever needed and to work closely with you and your family in bringing the level of care that you and your hospice team decide is most appropriate.