Although most hospice care is provided within the home, a patient may qualify for inpatient care to control acute pain and other symptoms or provide respite for the caregivers. In-patient care is one of the levels of care provided by HospiceCare.

As you step into our facilities, you will notice the tranquil comforts of home created for you. The rooms are beautifully decorated with warm and inviting colors. Families are encouraged to bring flowers, photographs and other favorite items to brighten your room. There is ample seating for guests to spend quality time with the patient and family. Although remaining close by is important, time may be needed to rest, reflect, and visit with family or friends. You will find a full array of amenities to help stay close to your loved one while tending to personal or business matters.

Our goal is always to provide comfort, dignity and peace for each patient.

Our team of nurses, social workers, spiritual care coordinators and physicians are available to respond to your needs. A comprehensive care plan will be outlined for your loved one. It will include patient goals, history, current symptoms, disease progression, pain management and emotional support.

Peyton Hospice House

HospiceCare at CAMC Memorial Hospital

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Hubbard Hospice House