We are pleased that you’re considering a Charitable Gift Annuity for HospiceCare. This is a great way to donate, get a tax deduction, and arrange for some guaranteed income (some of it tax-free*). It’s easy to get started, and we’re more than happy to help!
How It Works
We will setup a contract between you and HospiceCare. You make your donation, and in return we agree to make regular fixed payments to you (or to someone else you designate) for your lifetime. HospiceCare generally ends up with about half of your donation.
When you make your initial gift, you can take an immediate income tax deduction for the estimated amount that will eventually go to HospiceCare, after all the annuity payments have been made. A portion of the payments you receive will also be tax-free, until you reach your statistical life expectancy.
*It is recommended you see your tax advisor to determine your savings based on your actual tax information.
Please fill out the form below and our finance team will email you with an estimated payout calculation and tax deduction based on the information provided. Please note that this only serves as an estimate. Final numbers will be provided prior to the finalization of contract terms.

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