HospiceCare continues to accept patients while monitoring the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, and is responding to ensure the well-being of all of our patients, families, staff and volunteers while honoring government rules and recommendations at this time.  On Monday March 23rd, the Governor issued a stay at home order effective 8pm, March 24th.  At this time healthcare entities are excluded from this stay at home order, as are a number of different industries.  The care we provide through our hospice and palliative care programs are essential to the community and patients we serve.

Following today’s management meeting to address COVID-19 matters, we have updates to announce:


  • All clinical staff will receive N95 respirators and surgical masks (face masks) to be used per CDC guidelines when working with “high risk” patients, or those who have: travelled out of state and have active symptoms; family members who have travelled in from out of state or have active symptoms; are awaiting test results for COVID-19. For more information regarding CDC guidelines for use of N95 face masks, please visit: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/hcwcontrols/recommendedguidanceextuse.html
  • Continue to use CDC screening guidelines for all face-to-face patient and family related visits. Check with your supervisor regarding options (including phone calls, Facetime, etc.)  that can better help you care for your patients while also staying in compliance.


  • No volunteers are permitted to work at this time. Contact volunteer Supervisor Alicia King or Coordinator Donna Briggs at (304) 768-8523 with any questions.

New Staff Orientation:

  • We continue to orient new staff to HospiceCare.  Today, our new employees received all orientation materials from the HR department in the parking lot at the Main office, 1606 Kanawha Blvd. W, Charleston, WV 25387. We will continue this process until we begin to lift some of the social distancing considerations.  To schedule a pick-up, please contact Kendra at (304) 768-8523.


  • In response to the ongoing and dynamic environment caused by COVID-19, we have decided to tighten our screening policies for ALL of our facilities.  In addition to all visitors being screened based on CDC guidelines, including a temperature check, we are requesting all staff have a temperature check at the beginning of their shift.